It’s Friday!!!

I saw three crows in science. (Hm)

Today in art I made shapes . (Sp)

i went to art I make for art fall tree I did some work i like to make trees I had a good day (crh)




i went to art today.(sp)

i went for a walk through the school today.(gp)

i play a ball i went to star clrass i went to lunch i had a good day (crh)


We had a few extra minutes before group today and had the chance to blog!

I think I did a good job on my social studies quiz.(hm)

i had for lunck I had hot dog than I had chirps I went to stclassroom  (crh)

i ate pizza for lunch!,  (gp)!


Yesterday we had slow Internet connection and the iPads didn’t post 😦

i did some work i went to art then at star class i read a book i did some  math i had a good day (crs)

today i had macaroni and cheese for lunh (GP)


i Went to art I did some work I play a ball I had a good day (crh)

i ate yogurt  for lunch .(sp)

i ate waffles for breakfast today (HM).

i  invoiced on the ball (gp)

Have a great weekend!!



So sorry for the lack of posts this week… We have been having difficulties with the computers in the room.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Curriculum Night tonight!!


Today I listened to music (sp)

I did some math i went to gym I did some work I had a good day (crs)

i had to write sentences in science.(hm)

todayi rode. A b ike.  g p

Happy Friday!

today  I earned video time (sp)

today i did awesome work! (gp)

today i went to kickball. i also scored a point.  (hm)                                                                                                                                   i paly a game at star crass i do some math i went to art i do some work i had a good day (CRH)