Monday 2

At art I dewl a tree for lunch ate the pizza and crips and ice cream I did some siceris I read a book (chs)

i am going to gamers club after school .(. H’m)




In star class I watched dragon dateline and ch1. (Gp)

i am having pudding for snack. (Sp)



For lunck ate pizza at star clarss I read a book i ate ice ceam I ate crips I had a good day I went to cumper I did works (chs)

I walked in star class this morning . ( hm)

i listened to the boo.k Sam the snowman in listening today (gp. 

Mrs . Dorey and I went for a walk. (Sp)

I want to go to McDonald’s.i used tape in art class.

garretti wag oatmeal ffor snack.

filiiush I liked to flush toilets I lüike ton bounce on the ball.


i have for lunck is chicnk and cirps and I did some math I went to art (chs)

today I won a free snack ticket. I don’t Know what to buy.( hm)

today I made oatmeal for snack. (Gp)

i used tape and glue in art today . (Sp)


I painted in ar t class today.(sp)

i did lots of MEAP today in school.(hm)

i went to the gym to day.( )?chg gp 

i had for lunch hot dog and water.(chs)


I went to art at art class I drew a tree I had for lunch pizza I have some ice cream I have a crips I have some water (crh)

i have gamers club after school today (hm).

i played with fidgetsc in room 110 gp