ThursdayResearch-Decide-Teach Attitude: Effort: Fluency: Books read status: Reading log progress:   CARS strategy deficit: Author’s message: Authors’s purpose: Elements of a plot outline: Unit One.  Launching Readers Workshop:  creating intellectual independence  Chooses books appropriately : Knows how to use a reading log and can identify it as an artifact: Can retell:   Theme, sequential, promotional Can read between the lines: inference Can visualize or envision scenes: Can imagine or visualize moments in between scenes: Synthesizing across text- understands references and can connect to make meaning: Strategies to use when text gets difficult:  retread, sticky note, context clues

I went to gym I play a ball at gym I have for lunch is hot dog I have hot cirps I read a book I did some math I went to cump

Cumperclrass I had a good day (CRH)


I like to visitthe counseling office,I want to go. To the media center.(gp)


I played mission impossible in pe today.i rode my


I want play yvideo  games. 








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